Get access to a social online casino by playing NoLimit Coins Casino. The site is built for entertaining gamblers online. When using this platform you'll have so many games and more special features. We like the casino for its features, but not everyone will. Find out exactly why you should be impressed with NoLimitCoins Casino. We explain the benefits and promotions here.

Start with 100K and Get More Daily

New gamblers get 100,000 coins for signing up for a free account. Create your account and you'll be ready to start playing on the platform almost immediately after. With your welcome bonus coins, you can play any of the games for fun. Gold coins are only for entertainment, which is why this site is a social casino. The gold coins won't win you actual money. Instead, they give you the chance to test the games. Learn how the site works with these free coins. Each day you visit and play you can claim an additional 100,000 gold coins. Visit the site regularly and you'll build your collection of coins that you can play with. It's entertaining to play at this casino using free coins and there's always another free coin collection to look forward to when you play here.

Spin the Prize Wheel

When you have supercoins you can use them to try a spin on the prize wheel. The wheel has real prizes that you can play for. You'll enjoy regular spins on the wheel if you play at this casino, and it's one more thing for you to look forward to as a gambler on the site. Visit often and you'll have opportunities to win each time.

Enter Time-Limited Events

The site has limited-time events that occur occasionally. You can enter tournaments, promotions and more when playing here. The events are limited in time, but new are offered all the time. You won't be sorry you tried playing the site once you're trying some of these gambling opportunities.

Compete with Other Players Using Casino Tournaments

Along with the exciting promotions, there are time-limited tournaments for you to enter as well. Enter the contests and battle other gamblers to win prizes. A tournament is a different way to play the same old game. Try one of these contests today for an opportunity to test your skills with fellow gamblers.

Buy Extra Coins

Each day you visit you can claim 100k coins. If you decide you want to play using more coins, or you just run out of the original coins you can buy more gold. Purchase one of the gold packs and you'll claim extra special coins too. Purchase one of the packs and keep the fun going for longer. When you purchase the gold coins you'll also be gifted some supercoins to gamble with as well. These special coins let you try for real prizes. Use these coins when you can and enter major sweepstakes and more.

Use Supercoins for a Chance at Real Prizes

While you can't directly win real money by playing the games at NoLimitCoins Casino, you can still walk away with real prizes with enough luck on your side. When you purchase gold from the casino, you'll be gifted some supercoins as well. If you have the special coins you can spin the prize wheel more. You can enter prize drawings and try for real prizes. Use these opportunities to play for some exciting rewards and you'll amplify your play experience at this online casino. With help from the many tournaments at NoLimitCoins Casino, you always have ways to get more golden coins and a chance at real prizes. This social casino is designed purely for entertainment purposes, but you can win real prizes with enough luck in one of the drawings or by using the prize wheel. You must try the promotions at NoLimitCoins. They are some of the best and you'll always have different options to test.